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 Lady Margaret Hall



 offer made


 Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers



 United Kingdom

 Comprehensive School


Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers

( predicted A; gained A)

( predicted A; gained A)

( predicted A; gained A)

( predicted NA; gained NA)

( predicted NA; gained NA)

( predicted NA; gained NA)

( predicted NA; gained NA)

( predicted NA; gained NA)

Details about the offer


A (AH) in Mathematics



 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Had the grades so though i might as well give it a go, also kudos of degree!

Boyf was at Oxf. lol Also Felt oxford was easier to get in to

LMH = looked nice, was keen on sport



I was given a mock interview, which I bombed!





A Maths exam beforehand

I had an exam and then was asked questions why I choose maths, then maths problems.

Factorials, Number theory - algebra stuff, proof of integration

black skirt, checked shirt and black jumper, black shoes - wanted to look smart but not over done


LMH = wasn't as nice and was out of the centre of town which proved a pain! Nice people though

lmh = fairly big rooms most just with a sink, some ensuite with a bath and shower and kitchens(think these were third years)

Edible but not great

lmh = okay think they thought i was a bit weird

lmh = really nice, appeared normal

Final stage

jumped about and then went on holiday

Looking back

yeah, because even if you don't get in its good to have the experience of being in a interview situation and it lets u see another bit of the country

try to think logically and listen to what the interviewer says, also if you get stuck just ask(i did!) don't sit there in silence worrying, try not to jibber too much when answering, but don't say too little.
Also, don't be intimidated by the really brainy kids, sometimes they don't get in.


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