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 Regent's Park College



 offer made






 Grammar School

 yes (2 A*,8 A)


(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

Details about the offer




 offer met

Decisions about the application

Because it's very renowned, and there is excellent teaching.

Cambridge didn't do the course that I wanted

Because it was cool and extremely friendly.



Interview: Read the newspapers, and just put across your real interest in the subject and be yourself, but try to look intelligent.




Two essays.


At Regent's Park, I had a general discussion with the Principal, and an academic interview with two tutors. Then I received another interview at St. Peter's.

What is faith? and what music I liked. And whether I read newspapers. In the general interview, it was highly based on art, as I had just finished an art course at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Casual clothes - just black trousers, and a dark navy blue jumper, because it said to dress casually in the prospectus.


Regent's was good and friendly, being a small college it was a good community.

The facilities are satisfactory. The bed was supplied. And the desk, and it was spacious. Quite good heating facilities and lights. There was a sink and basin, with taps, in the room, which was very nice.

Good - nice dessert.

Friendly and down to earth.

They were extremely friendly too.

Final stage

When I found out that I had a place, I was extremely happy, because I am going to a university which I really wanted to go to. I screamed.

Looking back

Yes (because I got in).

Make sure that your essays are extremely interesting and not just based on school work. Put down your views and argue them in a convincing way. During the interviews, just don't remain quiet, but speak out what you think, your thoughts while processing them.


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