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 Comprehensive School

 yes (8 A)


(B at AS)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(B at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Again, AABB at AS Level were still enough for an offer in this case

Details about the offer


A in English Literature, A in History, A in Spanish





Ediborough, Leeds, Sheffield, University of Toronto and Mcgill

 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Just thought I'd give it a go merely because my best friend was applying and the school gave us lots of help on our personal statement. Also helped that the course looked good and Oxford is a fantastic university.

I'd always been more keen on Cambridge as a place but upon visiting Oxford properly I changed my mind (also lower entrance grades haha)

Being so literature heavy it was particularly attractive and the freedom in the year abroad is good too.

Initially I applied to Wadham because it was supposed to be left wing, liberal and had a higher state school intake. I got pooled to LMH which is a little further out then I would have liked but is still very beautiful and there are loads of lovely people and sports facilities there.



Two mock interviews with a private school

Don't sweat all those philosophical questions that everyone tells you are asked... they're not. As long as you show some engagement in the texts you've read (in pre reading and the pieces on your personal statement) then you'll be fine. It's really more like a chat with people who are super knowledgable in your topic. The translations of the poems/short stories are sometimes tough especially if you only get a short time but the tutors do not expect you to be fluent at all.



MLAT, the LAT part of the MLAT may seem daunting at first look but after a couple of past papers they become relatively easy so don't stress. The Spanish test for me was ridiculously hard but they always are and you will always come out thinking you have done terribly.



2 I thought went quite well, but one went absolutely terrible.

5-10 Mins of speaking spanish, pretty basic conversation.
5-10 minutes of the preset text.
5 minutes on personal statement
maybe 5 minutes on random questions but unlikely

At Wadham the atmosphere around interview time was very chill and although I wore a dress and smartish coat for my first interview, I quickly went back to my room and changed into skinny black jeans and a nice jumper afterwards. In fact the next day when I was pooled to LMH, I had been walking around Oxford convinced I wasn't going to be pooled so was in casual clothing (and slightly hungover) when I was called to interview at LMH immediately - ended up hitting it off with the tutors and getting an offer. What you wear is not important at all as long as it is something that you feel comfortable in.


Wadham is beautiful, chill atmosphere and the best location of all the colleges probably. JCR really nice. LMH even more beautiful with its winding gardens and big sports pitches and tennis courts.

Room was huge, almost too big. Every room has a sink and you share a bathroom with the staircase - some of my friends at Wadham did have ensuite though. Bath shower was a bit rubbish so I would try and ask for a shared room if you do end up getting in as they all get 2 modern showers.

Breakfast was really nice at Wadham as was the dinners served in hall. Lunch a bit hit and miss so went out after that.

Really nice and welcoming.

Really helpful and laid back, one escorted me to LMH for my pooled interview and he was really nice to talk to about the courses and life at Wadham

Final stage

Wasn't bothered, my heart was still semi-with Leeds at that point so I didn't mind regardless.

Got a letter through the post quite early in the morning and genuinely couldn't believe it. My grades meant I was a weaker candidate and I didn't really think I was going to get a place.

Looking back


Relax! It's a really fun 3-5 days holiday in one of England's most beautiful cities so treat it like that. Honestly between interviews I did minimal preparation - mostly went out with my new friends or watched netflix haha.


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