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 St John's

 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


 offer made


 Other qualifications




 Independent - selective

 yes (10 A,1 B)

Other qualifications

I'm doing the Leaving Certificate, and I've been predicted 7 A1s and one A1/A2. This is about 5 and a half As at A level.

Details about the offer


I have to get four As and two Bs in my Leaving Certificate.




I've applied to Irish colleges as well - namely Trinity College Dublin. I think it's good, and I'd be happy there, but it's about 47th in the world and Oxford is what, 5th? So obviously I'm happy I got a place in Oxford. I won't know about Trinity until after my results because the Irish system is different.

 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

I wanted to see if I'd get in :)
I've always liked academic stuff, always enjoyed stretching myself. I couldn't see any reason not to try it. Not many, if any, people from my school apply, and no-one's gotten a place in years.

I preferred the course at Oxford - the sociology element of SPS at Cambridge didn't appeal to me and I really enjoy economics.

PPE - I love it. I enjoy each individual subject. When I heard of it, I didn't even know that it was prestigious - I actually said it to my mum, and we were like "hmmm. . maybe not the best for jobs though. . " then I googled it and researched it a bit more, and bingo! Apparently it's got a bit of a reputation :)

St John's is rich. It gives loads and loads of grants :) That was a big factor. That was the thing that swung it in the end. I wanted somewhere central, with a choir and a boathouse, and accomodation guaranteed in-college for all three years.



My teachers gave me two mock interviews. As I said, no-one form my school applies, and no-one's ever applied for PPE that I know of, so they had no idea what I'd be asked. It was just to practise talking about academic stuff.

I do, and I wrote it down already :)




the TSA. . it was fine. I should have practised more, just to get the right way of looking at the problems and timing worked out. I got 67.2 in the end.


An essay done with the TSA under test conditions. It was ok. . literally, spend at least half the time planning it obsessively!



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