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Data Protection

When you submit a profile, you are giving us permission to store the information you have entered above in our database, so that it may be retrieved when people view the profiles. We will not disclose any personal information whatsoever, other than displaying your profile on our website.

Your e-mail address will not be passed on to a third party, and will not be published anywhere on the website. If you agreed to receive questions from prospective applicants, you will receive those questions through us, your e-mail adddress will not be published. The contact form is also protected against spam bots. You are always able to change the settings of your profile and disable this option.

You may receive a direct e-mail informing you about news and updates on this website with a maximum frequency of 1 e-mail per month.

Requesting changes

If you have a profile published on this website without having a 'registered user' account, i.e. access to your profile, you may contact us and request your login details. You will then gain full access to your profile and you will be able to edit or delete it.

If you simply wish your profile to be deleted, and you do not have a 'registered user' account, you may contact us and request removing your profile from the database.