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I will try to answer any queries, comments or suggestions you have about the structure, functions and other details regarding the site itself.

I will however not be able to answer any queries regarding the actual content itself, i.e. questions about the admissions process. Thank you for understanding.

You can contact me either using a contact form or directly through my e-mail address.

Jan Sramek


You can contact a moderator by using the relevant link; some moderators cannot however be reached like this in which case you need to contact Jan Sramek directly.

moderator courses moderated contact form
Athena Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic at Cambridge not possible
  Archaeology & Anthropology at Cambridge  
  Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford  
  Chemistry at Oxford  
  Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Oxford  
  Education Studies at Cambridge  
  English at Cambridge  
  English and Modern Languages at Oxford  
  English Language and Literature at Oxford  
  Geography at Cambridge  
  Geography at Oxford  
  Human Sciences at Oxford  
  Materials Science at Oxford  
  Materials, Economics and Management at Oxford  
cpchem Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular at Oxford contact form
  Chemical Engineering at Cambridge  
  Chemistry at Oxford  
Jan Sramek Architecture at Cambridge contact form
  Economics at Cambridge  
  Engineering at Cambridge  
  Engineering Science at Oxford  
  Engineering, Economics and Management at Oxford  
  European and Middle Eastern Languages at Oxford  
  Fine Art at Oxford  
  History of Art at Cambridge  
  History of Art at Oxford  
  Linguistics at Cambridge  
  Manufacturing Engineering at Cambridge  
  Modern & Medieval Languages at Cambridge  
  Modern Languages at Oxford  
  Modern Languages and Linguistics at Oxford  
  Music at Cambridge  
  Music at Oxford  
  Natural Sciences (Physical) at Cambridge  
  Physics at Oxford  
  Physics and Philosophy at Oxford  
Jiggly Philosophy at Cambridge contact form
  Philosophy at Oxford  
  Philosophy and Modern Languages at Oxford  
  Philosophy and Theology at Oxford  
  Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology (PPP) at Oxford  
jonathan Computer Science at Cambridge contact form
  Computer Science at Oxford  
liana Medicine at Cambridge contact form
  Medicine at Oxford  
  Theology at Oxford  
  Theology & Religious Studies at Cambridge  
  Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge  
Muffin Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford not possible
  Mathematics and/with Computer Science at Cambridge  
  Mathematics and/with Computer Science at Oxford  
  Mathematics and/with Physics at Cambridge  
Nicholas Mathematics at Cambridge contact form
  Mathematics at Oxford  
  Mathematics and Statistics at Oxford  
Nutter Economics and Management at Oxford contact form
  Law at Cambridge  
  Law at Oxford  
  Law with Law Studies in Europe at Oxford  
  Management Studies at Cambridge  
  Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Oxford  
  Social & Political Sciences at Cambridge  
olga Classics at Cambridge contact form
  Classics at Oxford  
  Classics and English at Oxford  
  Classics and Modern Languages at Oxford  
  Economics at Cambridge  
  History at Cambridge  
  History (Ancient and Modern) at Oxford  
  History (Modern) at Oxford  
  History (Modern) and Economics at Oxford  
  History (Modern) and English at Oxford  
  History (Modern) and Modern Languages at Oxford  
  History (Modern) and Politics at Oxford  
  Land Economy at Cambridge  
shinyhappy Biological Sciences at Oxford contact form
  Earth Sciences (Geology) at Oxford  
  Experimental Psychology at Oxford  
  Natural Sciences (Biological) at Cambridge  
  Physiological Sciences at Oxford  
UluruJamMan Classics and Oriental Studies at Oxford contact form
  Oriental Studies at Cambridge  
  Oriental Studies at Oxford