> Welcome to Oxbridge-Admissions.Info!

This site is administered by a group of students who have all gone through the admissions process for either Oxford or Cambridge; together we hope to dispel any rumours about the two universities, as well as to give general advice on whether you should consider applying, why you should do so, and, if you do, what you should be prepared for.

If you have recently applied to Oxbridge and gone through the interview experiences, please fill out a profile so that others can benefit from your advice while you receive fame, adoration and..er..fame?

The site is entirely voluntary and non-profitable; we want to present our own views without motivation or untoward bias, so that people like you can hear fellow students' voices amid the hype, the stereotypes and the myths. We want to encourage, and help, people applying to one of the two aforementioned universities.

The site is a successor of the former oxbridge-admissions.org.uk project which has experienced problems since early 2006. Since the former site has been of a great help for many Oxbridge applicants including us, we have decided to run a similar project and allow future applicants to benefit from the same resources as we have. We would therefore like to acknowledge the ownership of the idea, as well as some of the older profiles, to the aforementioned project and its owners. Thank you.

Enjoy browsing the site, and best of luck with your application!:)

Jan Sramek
On Behalf of the OA Team